Packaging: 1 pack of 21g x 9 sachets / 包装:1包21克 x 9包装




Dragon King Eight Treasures Herbal Tea is natural and nourishing to your health. The natural aroma of the tea lingers in your mouth and gives you a refreshing taste. When combined with proper diet, exercise and regular check-ups, herbal nutrition can enable you to live a healthier life. 




龙王牌八宝茶是理想的纯天然保健饮品。它具有天然的花茶芳香和特殊的香气味,令您回味无穷。 当配合适当饮食、运动、例常身体检查和滋补能让您的生活过得更健康。


Ingredients / 成份: 


龙井茶 Longjing Tea,桂圆干 Dried Longan Meat,莲子芯 Lotus Plumules       

葡萄干 Dried Raisins,杭白菊 Chrysanthemum     

枸杞 Wolfberry,红枣 Red Dates,冰糖 Rock Sugar 




1. Pour the content of a sachet of the herbal tea into a cup
2. Add approximately 250ml of boiling water
3. Cover and wait for 3 minutes before serving
4. Add rock sugar for a 2nd serving




  1. 把茶倒入杯中
  2. 加入约250ml的沸水
  3. 盖上杯盖三分钟后即可享用
  4. 第二次饮用,请加入冰糖

Dragon King Longjing Eight Treasures Herbal Tea - 9s / 龙王龙井八宝茶 - 9包

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