How to consume: Scoop 1 - 2 tea spoon of honey and mix with warm water or cold water (do not mix with boiling water). Only dried fruits may be consume. Discard remaining tea leaves and flowers. 


Ingredients: 100%Honey , Dried Sophora Flower, Dried Clitoria Ternatea Linn

成分 100%原蜜,槐花,蝶豆兰

Honey Origin: Acacia Japan

Weight : 350g


Function: Beautify skincontain a variety of vitamins and amino acids, clear away heat and lower blood pressure, prevent hardening of the blood vesselskeep breath fresh.


Nutrient composition and efficacy of Sophora japonica: Sophora japonica is rich in nutrients, rich in carbohydrates, prtein, dietary fiber, hydrochloric acid, vitamin A, and C. It also contains more trace elements such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing liver and purging fire, anti-inflammatory.


Nutrient composition and efficacy of butterfly pea orchid: butterfly pea orchid, also known as blue butterfly, is rich in vitamins A, C and E, which can improve immunity, help and promote skin elasticity and collagen production.







Honey & Flowers (Beautifying)

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