How to consume: Scoop 1 - 2 tea spoon of honey and mix with warm water or cold water (do not mix with boiling water). Only dried fruits may be consume. Discard remaining tea leaves and flowers. 


Ingredients: 100%Honey, Dried Kumquat, Dried Snow Pear, Lotus Core

成分 100%原蜜,金桔,雪梨干,莲子芯

Honey Origin: Acacia Japan

Weight : 350g

Function: Produce body fluid to quench thirst, moisturize throat and dryness, nourish lungs and heart, calm the nerves, help insomnia and forgetfulness, and prevent new cerebrovascular diseases.


Nutritional ingredients and effects of kumquat: kumquat is rich in protein, vitamins and various trace elements. Appetizer and body fluid, digestion and sober, beauty and skin care.


Nutritional ingredients and effects of Sydney pear: It contains nutrients such as tannic acid, malic acid, vitamin B2, asparagine, vitamin B1, potassium, and cellulose. Nourishes the lungs and clears dryness, relives cough and resolves phlegm, nourishes blood and builds muscle.


Efficacy of lotus seed heart: clear heart fire, stop spermtorrhea, it is the most suitable food for patients with incompatibility between heart and kidney, blood pressure and fat removal, yin deficiency and heaty, and insomnia.




金桔的营养成分及功效: 金桔含有丰富的蛋白质、维生素及多种微量元素。开胃生津、消食醒酒、美容护肤。





Honey Kumquat & Snow Pear & Lotus Core (Nourishing)

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