How to consume: Scoop 1 - 2 tea spoon of honey and mix with warm water or cold water (do not mix with boiling water). Only dried fruits may be consume. Discard remaining tea leaves and flowers. 


Ingredients: 100%Honey , Lemongrass, Ginger

成分 100%原蜜,香茅,姜丝

Honey Origin: Acacia Japan

Weight : 350g


Function: Warm and nourishes the gastric, expels wind, improves digestion, relieves depression, headache, neuralgia, etc., and prevents colds.


Nutritional ingredients and effects of citronella: Citronella is rich in citral, citronellal, and geranol, so as to achieve the effects of anti-bacterial and anti-itching, dispelling wind and dredging collaterals, relieving cough and relieving asthma.


Efficacy of ginger silk: increase appetite, relieve vomiting, promote blood circulation and expel cold







Honey Lemongrass & Ginger (Relieving)

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