How to consume: Scoop 1 - 2 tea spoon of honey and mix with warm water or cold water (do not mix with boiling water). Only dried fruits may be consume. Discard remaining tea leaves and flowers. 


Ingredients: 100% Honey, Licorice, Hawthorn Stuffed

成分 100%原蜜,甘草,山楂

Honey Origin: Acacia Japan

Weight : 350g



Invigorate the spleen and gastric, clear away heat and detoxify, Calm down asthma and relieve cough, increase cardiopulmonary functions, adjust blood pressure unhealthy conditions, digestion to eliminate food accumulation.


The efficacy of licorice: licorice is sweet and flat, enters the hear, lungs, spleen, and various meridians.


It is traditional Chinese medicinal that has detoxification, expectorant, pain relief, and even anti-cancer pharmacological effects. In traditional Chinese medicine, licorice nourishes the spleen and nourishes qi, relieves cough and moisturizes the lungs, relieves emergency and detoxification, and reconciles all medicines. Indications of spleen and stomach weakness, lack of food, abdominal pain, lung phlegm, cough, and food poisoning.


Nutrient composition and efficacy of hawthorn: Hawthorn can prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Hawthorn soaked in water can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. The lipase contained in hawthorn can promote the digestion of fatty foods. Regular consumption of hawthorn water can very effectively reduce the content of triglycerides and serum cholesterol in the body, can well enhance myocardial contractility and prevent arteriosclerosis and angina. Hawthorn can relieve asthma and reduce phlegm, it can also effectively inhibit bacteria, relieve diarrhea, and abdominal pain.



甘草的功效:甘草味甘平,入心、肺、脾、为诸经,是一种传统中药材,有解毒、祛痰、止痛,以至抗癌等药理作用。 中医上甘草补脾益气,止咳润肺,缓急解毒,调和百药。 主治脾胃虚弱、食少、腹痛、肺痰咳喘、药食中毒。



Honey Licorice & Hawthorn (Preventive)

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