How to consume: Scoop 1 - 2 tea spoon of honey and mix with warm water or cold water (do not mix with boiling water). Only dried fruits may be consume. Discard remaining tea leaves and flowers. 


Ingredients: 100%Honey, Mulberry, Cranberry, Dried Roselle.

成分 100%原蜜,桑葚,蔓越莓,洛神花

Honey Origin: Acacia Japan

Weight : 350g


Function: Health care of the gastrointestinal system, protect the liver, strengthen the kidneys, prevent hair loss, relive eye fatigue, anti-aging, improve immunity.


Nutritional composition and efficacy of mulberries: Mulberries are rich in glucose, sucrose, fructose, carotene, malic acid, succinic acid, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It can nourish yin and blood, nourish the liver and kidney, promote body fluids and quench thirst, and create the eyesight of black.


Cranberry nutrition and efficacy: cranberry contains a large amount of vitamin C and other nutrients. The biological brass contained in cranberry can effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease, diuresis and detoxification, beauty and beauty, antioxidant, and cardiovascular protection.


Nutrient composition and efficacy of Roselle flower: Roselle flower contains a variety of vitamins, protein, and citric acid, flavor acid, elderberry glycosides, hibiscus acid, protocatechuic acid, anthocyanins, Roselle polyphenols, etc. Anti-cancer ingredients can effectively clear away heat, eliminate fire, invigorate stomach and digest food, diuresis, etc.









Honey Mulberry & Cranberry & Roselle (Invigorating)

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