This collection of anti-virus daily essentials are ideal for everyone on the go. This care pack contains a hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant spray, pain relief plaster, antispectic wipes and a pack of surgical mask for your ultimate protection in public places you come in contact everyday.


Product: KOLI Care Pack / Care Kit 

Care pack consist of:

1 x WHO formulated hand sanitizer

1 x WHO formulated surface disinfectant spray

2 x Koli Sensitive Skin Pain Relief Plaster (5pcs pack x 2)

1 x Lifebuoy Anti-spectic Wipes

3 x 3 Ply Surgical Mask

* Free Mask Pouch


How-to-use disinfectant spray: Hold container upright from the precleaned surface and spray for 2 seconds until covered with mist. Allow 1 minute to dry. For hand rub, apply a palmful to cover all surface and rub for 20 seconds.


How-to-use Koli plaster: Only on dry and cleanse skin, peel protective film away and paste plaster on affected area. Plaster can also be cut to smaller pieces or different shapes for different usage. Do not use plaster on children below 12 years of age and pregnant women should seek doctor advise before using.  


*WHO-recommended hand rub formulation

*Made in Singapore according to WHO guidelines and formulations

KOLI Care Pack Bundle *FREE Mask pouch / 够力爱心包*免费赠送口罩收纳袋

$35.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Non- hazardous to humans and domestic animals 

    For external use only. Do not consume.

    Store content in original container. Keep content away from flame , heat and sunlight. 

    First Aid: In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation persist. 

    WARNING: Do not consume orally. Do not spray or rub content into eyes. 


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