Packaging: 1 tube 10ML / 包装:1 个 10ML



A specially formulated combination of herbs and essential oil cooling roller




Actions: Refreshing, cooling, revitalising



Indications:Confirm good for insomnia, relaxation, calming and hangover

主治: 有助于舒缓失眠、放松、镇定和宿醉。


Suitable for: Everyone except for pregnant or nursing women and children under 12 years of age.

适应人群: 普通人群,除了孕妇,哺乳期妇女及12岁以下儿童不宜使用。


Active ingredients: 主要成份 

檀香精油 Sandalwood Oil,薄荷精油 Peppermint Oil,尤加利油 Eucalyptus Oil,      

荷荷巴油 Jojoba Oil, 甜杏仁油 Sweet Almond Oil


Koli (Sleep) Good Night Sleep Sandalwood Roller 10ML / 够暖清凉失眠滚珠 10ML

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  • Instructions: Apply in a sliding manner several times to the temple, under the nose and behind the ears for a refreshing sensation

    用法: 以滑动方式适量涂抹于太阳穴、鼻子底部和耳朵后部舒缓疲劳,提神醒脑


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