Packaging: 4 packs of 5 pieces / 包装:4包5片装

Size of plaster: 15cm x 11cm / 膏药尺寸:15cm x 11cm



A strong power pain relief plaster that are able to eliminate brusies and soothe sprains.


Actions: Dispels cold in muscle, promotes blood circulation, eliminate swelling and muscle inflammation.                                



Indications: fall injury, sports sprain injury, bruises knocks, minor sprain and minor burns.                                  主治: 跌扑损伤,运动扭伤,消除手足肩背瘀伤,轻微扭伤及轻微烧伤。


Suitable for: Everyone and people with muscle related inflammation. Except pregnant or nursing women and children under 12 years of age.                                

适应人群: 普通人群,肌肉炎症及相关炎症患者。除了孕妇,哺乳期妇女及12岁以下儿童不宜使用。    


Active ingredients: 主要成份 (每公克中含有)                

当归尾,松脂,川白芷, 乳香,杏仁(去皮尖),没药,玄参,黄蜡        



Koli Muscle Injury (Super Power) Pain Relief Plaster - 20 pcs / 够力损伤超级止痛贴 - 20片

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  • Instructions: Clean and dry area of application. Peel off protective film and apply the plaster to the affected area once a day. Do not apply plaster on open wound or pus formation.                                 

    用法: 每日只需贴用一片于患处。先清理抹干患处。然后将药布表面的塑料膜拉开贴在患处即可。请勿直接贴在溃伤,化脓性皮肤病患处。        


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