Packaging: 2 units X 60ML / 包装:2 个 X 60ML



A specially formulated pain relief massage roller




Actions: Powerful cool pain relief effect



Indications:Confirm good for backache, sore muscles, stiff neck and shoulders, joint pain, sports injury, aids sleeping, good for traveling and after workout

主治: 肌肉酸痛、落枕、颈肩酸痛、关节痛、运动损伤、有助于睡眠、方便外出携带以及运动前后使用


Suitable for: Everyone except for pregnant or nursing women and children under 12 years of age.

适应人群: 普通人群,除了孕妇,哺乳期妇女及12岁以下儿童不宜使用。


Active ingredients: 主要成份 

薄荷精油 Peppermint Oil, 柠檬萃取精华 Citrus Leom Fruit Extract,变性乙醇 Denatured Ethanol


Koli SUPER COOL/WARM Pain Relief Massage Roller Boxset / 够力超凉/热感酸痛肌肉止痛按摩滚珠盒装

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  • Instructions: Apply in a sliding manner several times to affected area

    用法: 以滑动方式适量涂抹于疼痛部位或肌肉


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